About Us

Our Story

After a few years of providing IT related services out of his garage, David Lee founded an IT company ITSA Enterprises in 2002. The company ran successfully and was excitably rebranded to Oipon in 2019. David’s passion for technology, aptitude for attention to detail, and customer service are some of the original principles and foundation that Oipon was built on. Over the years, David transitioned from technician to consultant to elevate service to his customers and works between to two roles.

The primary focus of Oipon is to provide medium to large size businesses/corporations direct management being their CIO. Working with the client and achieving an understanding of their individual needs by being more involved with their business and helping them achieve their business objectives through technology.

The trust Oipon’s team has created with clients has resulted in long-standing relationships for well over a decade, and even some dating back to the beginning of the company in 2002.

Our Values

TRUST – the result of acting with integrity at all times (Trust is what we build)


We are committed to working together, whether it’s within our team, vendors, or our clients to deliver the best possible outcome


We treat our clients, vendors and employees as individuals; with the respect and dignity they deserve.


We demonstrate compassion, empathy and understanding in all our interactions


We seek the best possible solutions for our clients and within our workplace.


Conscientious of quality, we’re going to strive to select the best people who fit our organizational values and culture to provide the best possible work place and service to our clients

Our Director

David Lee

CEO of Oipon

David started the company ITSA Enterprises in 2002 which is now known as Oipon. After having more than a few years of experience working in-house for various Southern QLD based businesses, he decided the time was right to launch a professional, highly responsive, consulting firm that strives to this day to be a leader in network support.

David and his staff at Oipon are always up to date on products and services in an ever changing industry. He is active in his local area and knows the importance of a strong, community relationship. David adheres to the principles of creating a true partnership with his clients and makes that the priority that all of Oipon strive to achieve.

In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, biking, boating and skiing.


Oipon has been providing professional IT services since 1997. You can trust us to get it right, and you can trust us to be there when it counts.