Managed IT Services

All of your IT proactively monitored for security and managed for efficiency, at predictable, affordable rates.

In today’s business world, every company needs IT professionals on hand to manage their technology needs. However, hiring a qualified, full-time IT team or professional can be cost-prohibitive — particularly if your IT needs vary from month to month. Outsourcing your IT to Oipon is like having a dedicated team of tech experts at your service. You get all the IT management you need, when you need it, for an affordable and predictable fee.

Managed IT Services contracts from Oipon eliminate the hassles associated with unpredictable service calls and fees. You’ll be able to budget for your IT department well in advance, all while receiving full departmental support. Our Managed IT Services include systems monitoring, data security, troubleshooting, disaster recovery, and more, bundled together at a price you can afford.

Included Managed Services:

  • Remote Management and Monitoring – IT tools that empower us to provide you with unlimited remote support, hardware and software auditing, automated maintenance to keep your computers running smooth, and proactive alerts to prevent problems before they occur
  • Patch Management – Enable us to provide security patching for Microsoft products to keep your network environment updated, safe, and secure.
  • Endpoint Protection – Virus, Malware, and Ransomware protection to prevent malicious behavior from effecting your productivity.
  • Advanced Antispam – Allow us to protect your company from the #1 most exploited source of malicious intent under a sophisticated antispam service that helps block phishing attempts, harmful attachments, bad links, and more
  • Cloud Backup – Whether on a server or in the cloud, allow us to backup your important data to prevent from accidental deletion, data loss, or malicious behavior
  • Phishing Awareness Training – Let us keep your staff on their toes and your email protected by running a phishing simulation which will also elevate their awareness of bad emails through a series of trainings

"A reliable, cost-conscious partner"

Oipon has proven to be a reliable, cost-conscious partner in helping us maximize our investment in technology. I would highly recommend Oipon for any organization interested in outsourcing some or all of their IT Management needs.

Matthew Winningham

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