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Many of Oipon’s clients are unhappy with their phone solution or are searching for redundant internet service to insulate themselves against downtime. Oipon’s partner, Exetel, acts as a broker for organizations looking to negotiate a contract with either an internet service provider (ISP) or telecommunication company.

Exetel can also manage the renewal and renegotiating of existing ISP contracts to make sure that rates applied from initial deals do not lapse from lack of oversight. This contract management also includes technical support for purchases that is available every day at any hour. Because Exetel does not represent a single provider, they are able to get competitive rates by comparing multiple bids for any service required.




When it comes to technology staples, there is probably no solution more universally used than those offered by Microsoft. Microsoft’s cloud products and services such as Microsoft 365, Office 365, Microsoft Office and its numerous programs and applications, are more integral than ever to the day-to-day operations of most businesses. Which is why Oipon is proud to be a Microsoft Partner.


Summit Security Group


A nationally recognized information security consulting and advisory firm, Summit Security Group is Oipon’s recommended partner for any regulatory compliance needs. Summit provides everything from risk assessment and policy development to advanced penetration testing and network vulnerability identification.


Jumpstart Computer Training


Most business and organizations rely on Microsoft’s Office Suite and Outlook applications for a significant amount of their employee operations. Jumpstart’s trainings are focused on increasing employee efficiency by teaching users the best practices and time-saving techniques for using the programs they utilize every day.


Kyocera Document Solutions


For printing and document management solutions, Oipon recommends using Kyocera Document Solutions. Their services include providing support agreements for printers, with managed print services and maintenance programs. Kyocera also provides document management solutions for help choosing and implementing the right hardware and software for printing, scanning, etc.

Our Partners

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